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The easy way to design, engineer and manufacture steel framing

Quik Series System

Quik Series is a well-established global steel framing technology provider offering a competitive design, engineering and manufacturing solution. Quik Series System and roll forming equipment provide a reliable, fast and easy solution to design, engineer and build steel framing construction projects.

Over the last 20 years, Quik Series Software has been adopted globally. Supporting many international building codes, Quik Series is used in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and South America.

Quik Series has efficient manufacturing offering direct integration with the QSS software. It is the cost-effective solution to optimize your design and build process. Quik Series has a team of experienced professionals to help train your staff to design steel frame buildings.

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Building Application

Modular/ Offsite Construction

Globally, offsite and modular construction methods are growing. These are increasingly promoted by the building industry and government programmes for its speed and cost efficiency. This is due to the efficiencies that companies are able to gain using these methods compared to traditional onsite methods. Using a modular / offsite approach with steel framing construction enable:

  • Very effective and sustainable construction method
  • Improve the commercial return & viability of on construction project

QSS steel frame technology offer a very efficient and accurate system to manufacture buildings using modular and offsite methodologies.

Modular 495

Quik Series-Green Building

Steel frame enables sustainable design and construction of energy efficient, and durable buildings. Using the Quik Series System, it is possible to design and manufacture modular and offsite buildings plus produce houses, schools and commercial construction in a sustainable way.



31Oct 17

Quik Series Software Updates

We are committed to maintaining our software to meet industry standards, and are continually upgrading and improving QuikSeries. In the last 4 years the following has been upgraded: 4 new…

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