QuikSeries Software

Quik Series is a collection of software suites written specifically for the detailing of cold formed steel structures for domestic construction. Quik Series currently consists of four modules; a wall panel module, a roof truss module, a flooring module and a rainwater goods module.

Quik Series operates as an add-on to the IntelliCAD cad package.  From the users point of view, Quik Series appears to be a totally integrated Cad package.

All modules incorporate reporting structures, including complete bills of materials of all incidental parts, brackets and screws.

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QuikSeries software and brand were 100% purchased by FRAMECAD in 2011.


Sales, Training and Support

FRAMECAD has a team of professional experts to provide sales, training and support based at its regional offices. Regular training academies are run out of our regional support centres. See Contact Us pages for your closest regional office.