QuikSeries Software

Quik Series is a collection of software suites written specifically for the detailing of cold formed steel structures for domestic construction. Quik Series currently consists of four modules; a wall panel module, a roof truss module, a flooring module and a rainwater goods module.

Quik Series operates as an add-on to the IntelliCAD cad package.  From the users point of view, Quik Series appears to be a totally integrated Cad package.

All modules incorporate reporting structures, including complete bills of materials of all incidental parts, brackets and screws.

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QuikSeries software and brand were 100% purchased by FRAMECAD in 2011.

Press Release

FRAMECAD IP Limited (FRAMECAD) announces successful outcome of legal action regarding Quik Series Software

As you may be aware, FRAMECAD has recently been engaged in litigation in the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Australia, to protect the copyright of its software Quik Series Software, also known as FRAMECAD ProDesign and ProCAD.

The Court found on 12 September 2014 that, among other things:
• The copyright in Quik Series Software belonged to Robert Cummings until it was assigned to FRAMECAD on 1 November 2011;
• Steel Framing Systems International Pty Ltd (SFSI) was found to infringe the copyright in Quik Series Software (marketed by SFSI as “ProCAD”) now owned by FRAMECAD, by unauthorised licensing Quik Series Software to SFSI customers;
• The infringement by SFSI of the copyright in Quik Series Software was found to have been authorised by Mr Gianni Pacione (also known as John Pacione) and Hayes Steel Framing Systems Pty Ltd, (Hayes SFS) another company operated by John Pacione;
• That authorisation by John Pacione and Hayes SFS was also found to be an infringement of copyright in Quik Series Software now owned by FRAMECAD;
• SFSI was misleading or deceptive in its conduct by representing on its website that it was entitled to licence Quik Series Software when it was not;
• Each of SFSI, Hayes SFS, , and John Pacione were found to have breached confidentiality by using and/or providing licensing verification software for Quik Series Software; and
• SFSI, Hayes SFS and John Pacione are liable to FRAMECAD for an amount to be assessed by the Court. The amount to be paid by these entities may also include an additional amount given the flagrancy of the copyright infringement.

“FRAMECAD has worked together with Mr Cummings on software development since 2006, and Mr Cummings continues to work with FRAMECAD” said Mark Taylor, CEO of FRAMECAD.

“FRAMECAD is an innovative organisation and we are continually developing new products, software and services. We therefore treat the protection of our highly valuable intellectual property, including copyright, as a top priority and we rigorously enforce our intellectual property rights.”
“FRAMECAD is an ethical company and we are delighted to have obtained confirmation of our copyright and intellectual property rights by the Court, where this has been brought into question.”

“FRAMECAD realises that there may have been substantial confusion in the market for and Quik Series Software and ProCAD users. We are pleased that this has been resolved. We look forward to establishing a strong, long-term relationship with the users of our software and technology.”

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