QuikSeries Software

QuikSeries software is a design and detailing package operating on the Intellicad platform designed especially for cold formed steel detailing. QuikSeries is ideal for detailing wall panels, roof trusses and flooring, and can be used for the design of residential and commercial buildings. QuikSeries incorporates reporting structures, including complete bills of materials of all incidental parts, brackets and screws.


FRAMECAD announces that it has successfully defended its market leading intellectual property to protect the investment that its customers make in their businesses. Gianni Pacione (aka John Pacione) has been found guilty, as per this press release, of misleading and deceptive conduct with regard to QuikSeries Software in Australia’s highest court. FRAMECAD’s QuikSeries had been subject to copyright abuse and misleading activities. As a result a substantial legal cost award has been made against Pacione.

Mark Taylor, CEO of FRAMECAD, comments: “FRAMECAD is careful in protecting its intellectual property rights to satisfy customers’ expectations and trust when buying a FRAMECAD product. We are pleased to have resolved this deceptive and unlawful conduct from Pacione’s unauthorised software distribution activities, which has caused confusion for those customers who believed they were licensing legitimate FRAMECAD software, but were in fact receiving unauthorised copies of QuikSeries Software.”

FRAMECAD continues to actively invest in innovation to enable its customers to have the most efficient design, engineering and manufacturing system in cold formed steel to help them grow their businesses and profits. QuikSeries computer aided engineering software is capable of doing real time calculations in eight of the major cold formed steel design standards which gives customers confidence that their design will meet local design standards, saving them time and money.

Contact us today to check if your QuikSeries software is genuine and to find out about FRAMECAD’s world leading cold formed steel design and engineering software.

Why is the genuine version important? 

We are committed to maintaining our software to meet industry standards, and are continually upgrading and improving QuikSeries. Older unauthorised versions may be used or offered for sale under an alternate name, but the codes, standards and calculations used may be out of date and will not meet local market specification and local code requirements.

In the last 4 years the following has been upgraded:

• 4 new engineering / design codes
• 4 design standard upgrades
• Multiple bug fixes to engineering calculations
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