QuikSeries Software

What is QuikSeries software? 

QuikSeries software is a design and detailing package operating on the Intellicad platform designed especially for cold formed steel detailing. QuikSeries is ideal for detailing wall panels, roof trusses and flooring, and can be used for the design of residential and commercial buildings. QuikSeries incorporates reporting structures, including complete bills of materials of all incidental parts, brackets and screws.

How do I get the latest software at an unbeatable price?

FRAMECAD is the only authorised provider of the latest version of QuikSeries. To read more about this click this link:  FRAMECAD_Quik Series Press Release – 20 Nov 14

FRAMECAD has a team of professional experts to provide sales, training and support based at its regional offices. For the latest authorised QuikSeries software at an unbeatable price contact us today.

Why is the latest version important? 

We are committed to maintaining our software to meet industry standards, and are continually upgrading and improving QuikSeries. Older versions may be used or offered for sale under an alternate name, but the codes, standards and calculations used may be out of date and will not meet local market specification and local code requirements.

In the last 4 years the following has been upgraded:

• 4 new engineering / design codes

• 4 design standard upgrades

• Multiple bug fixes to engineering calculations

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