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Quik Series Software for Design and Engineering

Quik Series produces Computer Aided Engineering designs for Cold-Formed Steel framing construction, complete with engineering calculations and structural analysis. With Quik Series software, you can design and engineer cold-formed steel trusses and wall framing. This advanced capability means material usage can be optimized to reduce engineering and construction costs. 

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Value Engineering of Trusses and Structure

Ensures the most efficient use of materials, without compromising structural integrity, resulting in reduced material costs, less waste and increased profitability.

Design and Engineer for Local Environment

Allows you to design and engineer structures for a wide variety of environments and weather conditions (e.g. Low, medium and high wind zones).

Local and International Standards

Engineering calculations are done in accordance with numerous international and local building standards and codes, to help streamline local approval processes.

Roof Trusses Engineering

  1. Truss and wall layout in 2D, 3D view is available.
  2. Apply point loads and support points for precise engineering requirements.
  3. Engineering analysis of loads and performance of trusses for design optimization

Wall Framing Engineering 

  1. Walls are laid out in plan format with all openings and bracings.
  2. Loads are transferred into the wall panels from upper floor or roof systems.
  3. Wind forces and bracing resistances are calculated.
  4. Insert windows, doors, openings from a range of libraries or create your own.
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